Reference Projects

This page lists some of the software products and customer projects that have been implemented using the ice.NET platform.

PDTec Collaboration Portal

The PDTec Collaboration Portal is a web-based platform that provides end-to-end support for collaboration and information-sharing in the product lifecycle. Collaboration Portal acts as a central data hub, enabling information to flow seamlessly between stakeholders. All the product data, documents, agreements and policies needed for project execution and collaboration are managed and shared in Collaboration Portal. The data is safeguarded with flexible permission management and optional encryption with various security levels.

Daimler Truck Group - [TP+] - Strategic Product Plannung

The TP+ is a information system for the strategic planning of the vehicle production at Daimler truck group. It provides sophisticated management of master data, variants and installations of the trucks and their components such as engines, transmissions and axles.

DIgSILENT StationWare

DIgSILENT StationWare is a central protection settings database and management system for the complete power system substation data, both to manage the various control parameters and to centrally store substation related information. StationWare stores and records all settings in a central database, allows modelling of all relevant workflow sequences, provides quick access to relay manuals, interfaces with manufacturer specific relay settings software, and integrates with PowerFactory software, allowing for powerful and easy-to-use settings co-ordination studies.

DIgSILENT StationWare

Germanischer Lloyd - TIS

TIS is a Technical Information System to manage calculation and approval information in the ship classification process. TIS integrates the data models from various legacy system and, provides configurable XML and WebService interfaces to associated simulation programs.

PDTec SimData Manager

Mastering the challenges of the CAE process chain -- PDTec SimData Manager provides a CAE data management solutions to enable consistent, direct and total access to the data CAE experts need to perform analyses – from new or modified CAD models coming out of the design department to new versions of simulation models. SimData Manager can help you efficiently and systematically administer simulation relevant data along the entire CAE process chain. That way, you can easily keep up with the growing number of different simulations. And thanks to SimData Manager‘s unified end-to-end data repository, you can exploit synergies across analytical disciplines as well.

GL Hull Manager

GL HullManager is a ship management software offering from Germanischer Lloyd for enhanced ship maintenance support. It facilitates the complete Hull Integrity process, starting from inspections, via reporting and assessment of the conditions of tanks, cargo holds, coatings etc. The GL HullManager uses a specific 3-D computer model of the ship and supports the complete hull condition inspection and assessment process. It provides full support for systematic and comprehensive data collection as well as visualisation and assessment of the hull's structural condition.

SimPDM Research Project

The UML modeling environment ice.NET Studio was used in the SimPDM research project to develop a reference model for exchanging data between simulation tools. The ice.NET WebService architecture has provided an environment that allowed the partner companies and university institutes to collaborate in designing the reference model in a central database.