ice.NET Platform - Product Information

The ice.NET Platform is a powerful and versatile basis for developing and running information systems that...

  • require dynamic, adaptable or extensible information models,
  • combine information from multiple sources,
  • interface with a variety of other systems,
  • serve as a collaboration environment for teams of one or many organizations.

ice.NET enables...

  • rapid prototyping and instant feedback on semantic modeling during design and development,
  • a comprehensive set of development tools and software building blocks in order to increase development productivity,
  • easy deployment, impressive performance and high scalabilty during production.

ice.NET Application Areas

The ice.NET Platform is successfully used in a wide range of applications. First of all, ice.NET serves as an efficient implementation basis for various kinds of PLM-related special-purpose application systems. As a powerful toolkit for Integration and Collaboration, ice.NET is the foundation of many projects dealing with information model and data integration. Aditionally, ice.NET plays an important role in Research & Development projects. Read more...