Welcome to the ice.NET Website

ice.NET is a new generation software platform for sophisticated information systems that have been successfully implemented in a wide range of application areas. Industry sectors that make use of the ice.NET platform include Automotive, Power Generation, and Ship Building. The ice.NET platform is the basis for Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Plant Maintenance and System Certification software.

Efficent PLM Application Platform

Owners of ice.NET-based software benefit from low implementation costs, highly flexible and customizable appliction solutions and industrial-strength scalability and performance of the software systems. Since ice.NET is designed around standards such as XML and WebServices, integration and interoperability with existing system infrastructure can be efficiently implemented with ice.NET library components. (more...)

State-of-the-art Development Environment

Developers appreciate the clearly structured and easy-to-understand ice.NET key concepts, the ice.NET SDK API, the UML-based modeling tools and the seamless integration of the ice.NET platform into industry-standard programming frameworks and IDEs. (more...)